L’ANIT Spontaneous Workshop in LANIT (Philippines)

Written by takahashiayami


I found the place with same name ‘LANIT’ (in Philippines)
in LOOB inc.’s writing
on internet at the beginning of this year by chance.

When I contacted with LOOB’s delegate Yukie-san ,
I knew they need advice how to make handle of bag and design for bringing their original brand’s bag to completion.

My supply and their demands match by chance. 
That is to say, 
one of their demand is that they want to know how to put the handle
in the original bag.
And L’ANIT makes some handles of the bag with original fancy yarn.

I decided to go LANIT and hold the workshop we combine
something rooted LANIT and L’ANIT’s original yarn 
for enjoying ourselves as first step.
Because I always feel it’s the very important we enjoy ourselves for creating originals.

when I arrived at LOOB’s home office,
I met 2 young Japanese and some Filipina want to support the children want to study but can’t study.
And I decided to use original Nito ring after saw some Nito products. Nito is materials rooted LANIT.

One of Japanese, Yuji, took steps to go smoothly and framed a sentence with funny the night before the workshop.
‘ Ati knit Nito in Lanit Ayami knits a brand knit called L’anit. ‘
Ati was very exciting to hear that.

I met Ati people live in LANIT that day first time.
I felt Ati have high motivation for creation because they combine speedy with saying ‘ Want more tassel and flower’s color and I can create better. ‘ ‘ I’m exiting to combine various materials.’

I felt when I can make many chances for combining some colors and materials, it might be able to support to widen the choice of  future.
Then I tried putting L’ANIT handle and small decoration into Nito bag by Ati.

Ati’s bag consisted the surface (the horizontal direction) by Kito
and the connection of surfaces by Kito.
I asked Ati to change the surface by L’ANIT hard yarn insted to Nito keeping to useing Nito connections.

I want to support Ati and LOOB’s products
with the way only L’ANIT can do.💛

Jessa, Cecil, Tina, Irene, thank you for your translate my poor English into Hiligaynon and taking me to some places.
5 days were very short stay but I had gooood experiences.
Yukie-san ,Yuji ,Takuya, everyone I met thank you for give me wonderful days.

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