PEÑA 2019

Written by takahashiayami
I’m a member of secretariat of PEÑA (the gathering with enjoying music and dinner in Kawamata.) .

We care for unlocking a person’s potential through meeting lots of different people.

We have a lively conversation when we feel nostalgic in atmosphere of the Showa period.

So we think through to create a system which we have no choice but to talk with a stranger.
So there are many unexpected event every year.
” You are Heroes! ” was planned to be held in PEÑA 2019.
That is we decided 5 heroes in each 5 team and decorate them with some clothes prepared with each team and we decide which one was the best by majority vote.

They all looked the same because they all tried wear plurality of clothes  prepared in each of a some sorts of the things.

So they looked like the musical band called ‘group sounds’.
For this reason, they all won the championship. Lol
It was disappointed that we cannot take a photo the moving planetarium and real planetarium because the light was bad.
Especially elderly persons were  really touched. 

We are glad to meet you make a chances you try here or take a break both. 🙂

Please share this countryside stories with someone because the most of people concerned in PEÑA don’t know what’s SNS.


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