L’ANIT want to achieve prevention of knitting industry decline by contribute to making reasons for people to come to like knitting with new materials and ideas through communication.

L’ANIT thinks ‘fashion’ also can create a new unprecedented value and a point of view by combination of unexampled items and projects, 

L’ANIT based on countryside in Japan where you can find many ‘retro items’,
and go back and forth between countryside and urban cities.
and believe that there are many numbers of possibilities through collaboration with the outside world.

Therefore, L’ANIT decided to create a place (like a hub) that is open to the outside world, where people of all values and personalities can come and go through fashion, and launched my brand.


L’ANIT  is a coined word in the process of combining wards [ amu (This japanese means “ knit “ ) ] [ L’AMI (This french means “ friend “ ) ] [ knit ]


“Bringing happiness through fancy and funky knit products and fashion projects.”

L’ANIT is customizable unisex knit brand
on the theory that fashion is an important thing
for creating the new value by combination something.

Through opportunities to meet new people and things,
L’ANIT creates hand-knitted and machine-knitter products
using original yarns.