L’ANIT hope to give happy through the fancy and funky knittings.





L’ANIT is the unisex knitting brand has the advantages
by hand and machine.
 And always makes knitting while listening to jazz funk
,acid jazz and dab or in silence.
 L’ANIT based in Fukushima has the knitwear-producing area and retro atmosphere surrounded by beautiful nature. 
L’ANIT makes ‘one-of-a-kind-item’ ‘the diffusion line’ ‘the original yarn’ and do ‘art project with knitting’.






L’ANIT makes ‘one-of-a-kind-item’
 ‘the diffusion line’ and ‘the original yarn’
 with attaching importance to fashion.
We also create the knit textile
by hand and machine with its advantages.









 L’ANIT run the project which we encounter strangers
through the fashion (mainly knittings) .

[Guerrilla photo shootings] in the street with fashion stylist and cameraman,
[Guerrilla photo shootings] in the bar by the diverse community with members who love originality and our potential (young, old, and unique),
[Games] which make the new imaginary inhabitant by coordinating in according with the some card such as scavenger hunt.
and so on.

If we do nothing,we don’t connect with them.
L’ANIT’s projects may be able to make someone’ heart and our heart  warm with each other by ‘joy ,laughter ,pleasure and so on’  through knitting fashion.




L’ANIT hopes to extend the possibility of knitting by giving the warm knitting and feelings ‘HAPPY’ thorough the fancy & funky knitting .