Written by takahashiayami

The exhibition [model:Miyu Otani and photographer:Masumi Ishida introduce designer’s new collection with their photos] starts.
Please drop in on us.💉

1st August 3rd – August 21th
2nd August 22th – September 4th

2F, Shinjuku LUMINE2 ,3-38-2 Shinjuku,Shinjuku-ku


11:00a.m~9:30p.m. (Weekday)
10:30a.m~21:30 (Holiday)

For this period you can order L’ANIT big mohair knit <3
(There are other color, light pink,red and black in addition to light blue.)

’ I was born in Katsushima-ku,Tokyo.
I’ve lived in the heart of the city.
But I feel better I live in the city than in the country because local various mood ,retro mood and asian mood supply the inspiration for me .’


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