PEÑA 2018 invitation

Written by takahashiayami

PENA is the event which is created by people beyond their generations and regions. It was planned to be held for the third time as a private party. Every time, people, who have never met in their daily life, mix and mingle in PENA. It is totally unplanned and unexpected. 

Through the preparations for this time, PENA is getting deeper and deeper, and we are thinking that it shouldn’t be private; it is supposed to be openly held! So it is almost the day, but we decided to announce and invite people who would be interested in PENA. 

The organizer, who has been going back and forth between big cities and local areas, will be a ‘bridge’ between local aunties & uncles and young city people. PENA will be opportunities for men and women of all ages to communicate. In once a year, ‘Obon time’, when people, who are from here and there and would not meet forever, meet…… 

design : Aki Otake
poem : Naomi Yabuki & Ayami Takahashi


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