The shooting of 2019-2020AW

Written by takahashiayami

 We finished the shooting of 2019-2020AW collection at the restaurant in February 25. 
I (L’ANIT designer) found this restaurant when I searched many nostalgic restaurants for lunch time on the internet.

All of the shooting member are foodie and 
We enjoyed having lunch and tea time as much as possible!. 
The weather forecast says it will be rainy that day.
But the sky cleared as we approached the restaurant.
We were lucky.

We might come as a surprise to the customers but we considered them.
Because there were 8 shooting members.

Thank you so much for correspondence , Mr.Uchida , the staff of restaurant and the shooting members.

[ restaurant FURUYA ] stared in 1955.
If you get the chance you go ATAMI, please have lunch and the tea time there💚 
You will have nostalgic feel. 

【restaurant FURUYA】information
irregular holidays , December 31 , january 1





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