Written by takahashiayami

I was in meetscalstore on 18th August.
Thank you for taking time to see me. 💉🌈

That day,I talked with rickshaw man who pulled me about 15years ago.
we get connected each other through SNS only.
I was so happy,because I can talk to his face.
I thought once again with this I value human bond.

There are raced and ruffled knitting camisole.
And there are L’ANIT bag made of japanese waist band of Yukata or whose handle are made of original crazy yarn[funcy yarn] .💉💚

Apart from that,
There are very cute penguin goods [penguin fes],
colorful socks by ETCHIRA OTCHIRA,
 BEAD ACCESORIES of cute animals by Crepe.

Until 29th August.
Please come to meetscal store after your work. 🙂
















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